Customer Use-Case Driven Automation

Predictability and Automation for business-critical use-cases

Advanced organizations have a need to connect different parts of their business through a fast mobile or fixed network into a functioning operating environment.

The network must fulfill organizations’ business use case demands and other unique requirements.

We offer a solution for automatically managing and personalizing the network according to organizations’ business needs.

With our solution the network becomes a solid part of the business use-cases and identifies the needs, predicts and reacts automatically.


Customers industry wide with their digital future, where everything is connected, are struggling to take effective use of massive amounts of slow- and fast data.

Our customers trust in our ability to analyse information, unveil profitable knowledge, and offer products that power smarter operations.

At ValvoAutomation, we are customer-driven and committed to ensuring substantial return on investment for every project.

The Experts in Analytic Solutions and Automation for Service Providers

Navigator platform consolidates a total of over 100 years of our experience.
We build software that generates smart recommendations for operational and sales teams.
All our solutions are based on the utilization of analytics and automation.

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