June 26, 2019

Digita’s Nationwide IoT-infrastructure

Digita has designed and built Nationwide IoT-infrastructure and related services for company’s customers and partners. Along with the infrastructure Digita has deployed a proactive service management system as well. Achieving this goal has required not only a traditional service delivery infrastructure with OSS, but also their focus on real-time proactive analytics for the offered network services. Digita offers to its customers a ready-made solution that will make it easy to deploy and monitor new IoT-services with new business opportunities and revenue streams.

Collaboration with ValvoAutomation

In collaboration with ValvoAutomation, Digita has developed a solution not only for their internal needs but also for the end-customers. The Navigator solution, which is developed by ValvoAutomation, offers realtime LoRa Service Insight to Digita’s executives, customer sales account managers, network operations center and also to the end-customers.

Digita’s IoT and LoRaWAN

Digita’s Nationwide LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) LoRaWAN is a data transmission network utilizing LoRa (Long Range) technology. The LoRaWAN network has been developed for wireless and fast, but low-power data transfer, and is very suitable for sending and receiving IoT-data over long distances from devices with low power consumption and long battery life. LoRa networks main characteristics are two-way communication, mobility, location services and easy deployment.